New version 0.13.0

New features

This is a special release to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation


  • GDPR: Unbundled consent on user registration #3483
  • GDPR: Right to be Forgotten #3315
  • GDPR: Newsletter checkbox unchecked by default \3316
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New version 0.12.0

New features


Several improvements have been made to Assemblies, such as:

  • Add members to assemblies. #3008
  • An assembly member can be related to an existing user. #3302
  • Show the assemblies that a user belongs to in their profile...
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New version 0.11.0

New features

We have plenty of features to announce. For a complete list please visit the changelog. Here is a list of some of the most relevant new features:

  • Blogs!: This first one you might already noticed, this post is an example :)
  • New...
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News version 0.10.0

New features

Admin log

In order to improve control on what other admins are doing, we want all actions done by admins to be logged and shown in a log feed in the admin section. #2603

For each action, we want to see:

  • User who performed the action
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