New version 0.24.0

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Release highlights


This version adds important improvements related to moderation. Decidim instances have more and more activity, and with activity comes SPAM, bots and other internet phenomena šŸ‘¾.

We have added a global moderation panel to make it easier for admins, and the possibility to block users.

Also notifications about reported content have been improved, and some other things you will find in this list:

  • Improve moderation panel #6677
  • Send notification to reported content authors #6747
  • Allow subhero content block to hold HTML tags #6810
  • Add info to report email for moderators #6725
  • Allow customization of the upload help messages #6683
  • Detect the use of spam-bots and ban non compliant users (part 1) #6696
  • Send report email when reported resource is translated to default org language #6726
  • Send notification to resource's authors when it is hidden by a moderator #6885
  • Add HTML titles in Admin panel #6666
  • Add a general moderation panel #6955
  • Make it possible to allow some pages to display publicly even when organization access is limited #6951
  • Improve management of managed user #6748
  • Let admins enter the Space Private Users section in admin #7067
  • Allow admin to be registered as a participatory space user #6890
  • Detect the use of spam-bots and ban non compliant users (part 2) #6804
  • Add CTA buttons to Moderation report page #7227
  • Display error message in case that justification length is less than specified characters #7173
  • Show session timeout warning and limit sessions to 30min of inactivity #7282
  • Detect the use of spam-bots and ban non compliant users (part 4) #6941
  • Allow customizing SMTP settings for seed data #7183
  • Add private message link to proposal author tooltip #7207
  • Add sorting for ā€œNumber of reportsā€ column on Reported users page #7279
  • Add notification setting: emails on moderations #7328

Process Groups

If you need to design a large process that includes several processes, you now have more options. We have started experimenting with the content block system to make the layout of home pages more versatile and flexible. We have also included some HTML blocks to embed external content.

Admin panel:

Public view:

  • Implement ContentBlock for Process Groups (Admin UI) #6655
  • Add HTML Content Blocks in Process Groups #6823
  • Add Metadata Content Block in Process Groups #6699
  • Add Participatory Processes Content Block in Process Groups #6826
  • Edit link in groups and show group in processes #6827
  • Improve highlights of Process Groups #6828
  • Improvements in Process Groups and processes block #6853

(Online) Meetings

Although the meetings at Decidim are designed for hybrid participation (online and offline), in pandemic times we can take advantage of digital technology to keep gathering. Some functionalities have been added to reinforce online meetings. And more features will come in the next releases, stay tuned!

  • Add online meetings #6572
  • Let users close meetings from public pages #6703
  • Add registration system to meetings #6662
  • Add a config flag to disable the registration code #6698
  • Automatically enable registrations when meeting is "on this platform" #6874
  • Allow creation of hybrid meetings #6891
  • Add comments export to meetings #6946
  • Add "my activity" filter section on meeting index #7261
  • Order meetings by start date instead of creation date #6975
  • Add filter help in all the meetings navigation page #7355


During the last year we have been working on a new secure voting module with cryptographic guarantees. This new participation space will be available soon, and will replace the Consultations space. This doesn't mean that Consultations will disappear, it will continue to exist as a module maintained by the community. More information on this topic in future releases.


  • See a deprecation callout in Consultations #7095

Other improvements

As always, there are many other improvements in the rest of the platform components. Check them out!


  • Add search, filter, order, and paginate capabilities to admin results view #7048
  • Add attachments to accountability results #6851


  • Add new statistics design to Assemblies #7275
  • Add assemblies & processes weight field #7283
  • Add order in not highlighted assemblies by weight #7444


  • Add scope to proposals import in budgets #6525
  • Budget voting projects rule (select min-max projects) #6753
  • Sum Budgets finished and pending orders in admin panel #7010
  • Export budgets projects #7021
  • Admin panel budgets count users with finished and pending votes #7195


  • Notify users when their comments are voted #7055


  • Export debate comments #6962
  • Add scope to debates #6326
  • Debates with no start and end time #6959


  • Show draft initiatives #6584
  • Filter created initiatives only by author #6658
  • Edit initiative as promoter #6790
  • Allow the admin to send an initiative to technical validation after it was discarded #6993
  • Raise an alert when there's an error signing an initiative #7412
  • Include area in initiatives export #7242
  • Add optional order for initiative content block #7047
  • Notification to initiative authors / promotor committee #7028


  • Add locales for cost report #6767
  • Allow user to drag address on proposal map #6291
  • Feature proposal infinite edit time #7406
  • Simplify collaborative drafts wizard #7239
  • Proposal preview with full text and attachments #7248
  • Let admins delete proposal attachments #7259
  • Import proposals from a spreadsheet #7084


  • Start and end dates for survey #7016
  • Create file uploads question type #7192


  • Encrypt authorization metadata #6947
  • Show pending authorizations as a list #6680
  • Clarify authorization message with participant scope/postal code #7225


  • Add new languages: Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese #6648

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