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Free Open-Source participatory democracy for cities and organizations

Decidim is more than a digital platform: it’s a common's free and open project and infrastructure involving code, documentation, design, training courses, a legal framework, collaborative interfaces, user and facilitation communities, and a common vision.

Decidim helps citizens, organizations and public institutions self-organize democratically at every scale.

Propose, meet, deliberate, decide, monitor: join democracy

Decidim makes possible for thousands of people to organize democratically by making proposal, joining public meetings, creating delibarative discussion, deciding through different forms of voting, and monitoring the implementation of the decisions.

Configure participatory processes easily

Do you want to make a strategic plan? Or maybe to discuss new norms? Or perhaps have a debate around a new square or public building so that the common good is advanced? Decidim has an easy to use participatory process configurator that helps you structure and deploy almost any kind of democratic process.

Participatory budgeting for real

Citizens will be able to directly decide how to spend funds from a public budget. You can open calls for proposals, discuss and set up priorities with citizens or members of the organization, estimate the price of the projects and open them to voting, and monitor the results.

Used by

Online and offline integration

We are not only a digital platform, we're an application for people from all ages and origins. Decidim is designed to help solving the digital divide and to create new forms of multi-layered, augmented participation.

Let people's initiatives reach their goal

Decidim makes possible for people to create, manage and push their initiatives (e.g. to open a proposal, create a new participatory process, promote a consultation) to reach their goal. It is possible to define types of initiative, specifying the number of signatures or supports they need to achieve, and participants get access to collect support and bring their initiative to power.

Create and Manage Assemblies, Committees and Participatory Organs

You can easily create a site for any kind of working group, assembly, committee or participatory organ, to help people join their meetings, support their proposals, follow their minutes or audit their activities.


Cooperating entities

Modular, scalable, configurable: upgrade and expand

Decidim is not only a platform but actually a framework for participation, its arquitecture is modular and contributions from different institutions are easy to integrate, the framework is designed to scale efficiently and upgrades are immediate and automatic. You install it once, you benefit from future improvements.

Contribute and make it better

Decidim is 100% free and open software, culture, design and data. You can make your own extensions and contribute to the Decidim core to benefit the whole community.

Start using Decidim today

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