New version 0.20.0

 —  releases

Improvements to existing features


  • Now admins can export/import participatory processes, specially useful when working on a blank instance or deploying processes with the same structure that repeat over time.#5422,#5424


  • This is a second improvement for the multi-choice responses in consultations. It allows to group responses in groups so now consultations are able to create open candidate elections in groups.#5387


  • Added a setting to surveys to allow unregistered (aka: anonymous) users to answer a survey.#4996


  • Added extra sorting filters for proposals index. #5506
  • Added a filter "My proposals" at the list of proposals. #5512

Search Engine

  • Added all spaces and many entities to global search, see Upgrade notes for more detail. #5469

Usability improvements

  • Enabled drop-down @mentions in comments. #5474
  • Added @ prefix to the nickname field in the registration view. #5482

  • Improved visiblity of buttons: new proposal, debate and initiative. #5535

  • Added help texts for meetings forms to solve doubts about Geocoder fields. #5487

  • Added UX improvements to initiatives #5369

    Continuity badge removed #5565