New version 0.12.0

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New features


Several improvements have been made to Assemblies, such as:

  • Add members to assemblies. #3008
  • An assembly member can be related to an existing user. #3302
  • Show the assemblies that a user belongs to in their profile. #3410

image alt text

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Meetings have also been improved, regarding the management of collaborative minutes

  • Add organizer to meeting and meeting types #3136
  • Add Minutes entity to manage Minutes. #3213
  • Add Agenda and Agenda Item entities to manage meeting agenda. #3305

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  • Links to participatory space index & show pages from the admin dashboard. #3325
  • Add autocomplete field with customizable url to fetch results. #3301
  • Add endpoint to query organization users in json format. #3381


Components and Spaces cards have been redesigned, with a standardised and improved look according to new features.

  • Added a global search engine for Proposals and Meetings. #3559

Improvements to existing features

  • Render documents in first place. #2977
  • Open attachments in new tab #3245
  • Open space hashtags in new tab #3246
  • Fine grained permissions for: proposals, accountability, budgets, pages, debates, comments, surveys, meetings, sortitions #3029
  • Improve overall navigation of Consultations #3524
  • Let comments have paragraphs to increase readability #3538
  • Sessions expire in one week by default. #3586


  • Enforce permissions when managing meeting minutes. #3560
  • Fix Non private users can participate to a private, transparent assembly #3438
  • Add validation to nickname's length. #3342
  • Deactivate notifications bell when marking all as read #3509
  • Do not allow users to follow themselves #3536
  • Warn the user the attachment is lost when the form for Proposals is errored #3553
  • Make process moderators receive notifications about flagged content #3605

Full Changelog: