New version 0.21.0

 —  releases

Improvements to existing features


We have extended the coverange of the API to all available (read-only) public content and some search capabilities:

  • Added documentation to use the API (newcomers friendly). #5582
  • Add search and order capabilities to the GraphQL API. #5586
  • GraphQL API: Complete Blogs specification. #5569
  • GraphQL API: Complete Debates specification. #5570
  • GraphQL API: Complete Surveys specification. #5571
  • GraphQL API: Complete Sortitions specification. #5583
  • GraphQL API: Complete Accountability specification. #5584
  • GraphQL API: Complete Budgets specification. #5585
  • GraphQL API: Create fields for assemblies types and specs. #5544
  • GraphQL API: Create fields for consultations types and specs. #5550
  • GraphQL API: Create fields for conferences types and specs. #5551
  • GraphQL API: Create fields for initiatives types and specs. #5544
  • GraphQL API: Complete Proposals specification. #5537
  • GraphQL API: Add participatory process groups specification. #5540
  • GraphQL API: Complete fields for participatory processes. #5562
  • GraphQL API: Complete Meetings specification. #5563


Some settings have been incorporated at the organization level, from the system panel, such as being able to configure the time zone and customizing the omniauth settings.

  • Added configurable time zones for every tenant (organization). #5607

  • Permit customizing omniauth settings for each tenant #5516


In this version several improvements have been added to the admin panel, such as filters and extended search capabilities for proposals, participants and participation spaces:

  • Add filters, search and pagination to participatory spaces in admin panel. #5558
  • Added filters, search and pagination into admin proposals. #5503
  • Extend search, add pagination and change filters styling to participants/officializations in the admin panel. #5558

  • Extend the capabilities of the Quill text editor.#5488

  • Add terms of use for admin. #5507
  • Added configurable assembly types. #5616
  • Display the number of participants subscribed to a newsletter. #5555
  • Link processes and only show published ones #5676


  • Add images to proposal cards #5640
  • Allow admins to set a predefined template #5613
  • Automatically link proposals and meetings when creating a proposal authored by a meeting #5674
  • Add proposal page with all info in admin section #5671
  • Let admins add cost reports to proposals #5695


  • Let users check a single comment in a commentable resource #5662
  • Hide and show comment threads #5655


  • Improve navigation and visualization of proposals and projects by scope, category, origin and status #5654

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