News version 0.10.0

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New features

Admin log

In order to improve control on what other admins are doing, we want all actions done by admins to be logged and shown in a log feed in the admin section. #2603

For each action, we want to see:

  • User who performed the action
  • Date and time of the action performed
  • The URL where the change was made
  • If applicable, the field that has been modified and the previous and the new value

admin log

Related changes:

  • Log all changes on organization settings #2771
  • Log actions on scopes #2854
  • Log all actions on meetings #2911
  • Log all actions on static pages #2754
  • Log all actions on newsletters #2763
  • Log user groups verifications and rejections #2778
  • Log admin users invites and deletions #2776
  • Log user (un)officializations #2782
  • Log participatory process creation and (un)publications #2786
  • Log actions on participatory process steps #2876
  • Log components creation, deletion #2792 and (un)publication #2884
  • Log assembly creation, update and (un)publication #2858
  • Log assembly user role creation, update and deletion #2874
  • Log page updates #2886
  • Log debates creation and updates #2903
  • Log official proposals creation #2905
  • Log proposal private notes #2907
  • Log process updates #2860
  • Log process users invites (Creation, update and deletion) #2793
  • Log actions on moderations #2803


Publicly consumable API that allows exploring any participatory space, component, and its resources. This is done via GraphQL. Check out this demo.


  • Adds a statistics API to Organization and ParticipatorySpace. #2843
  • Adds a basic API including steps and components. #2787
  • Adds a basic API that lists proposals. #2788

Improvements to existing features

Improvements to Participatory processes

Several improvements have been made in the space for participatory processes, especially on the front page. Here you can see an example:

  • Show past/upcoming meetings in the process homepage #2713
  • Show random proposals in the process homepage #2817
  • Show random results in the process homepage #2824
  • Add collections to group attachments #2394.
  • Add announcements to debates #2806


Improvements to Assemblies

In the next release there will be relevant improvements for Assemblies, for the moment these are the new features: - Add a select field for assign an area to assemblies #2750
- Assemblies now have a reference #2557

Improvements to Proposals

Proposals are the main component of Decidim, and new features have been added to them to improve their creation and management:

  • Added a wizard for the creation of proposals in the public site #2697.
  • Proposals can accumulate more votes than the maximum #2693
  • Multiple proposals can be recategorized from the proposal index #2585
  • Endorsement to proposals: apply new design. #2728
  • Copy proposals to another component #2619.
  • Users and user_groups can now endorse proposals. #2287
  • Add configurable proposal body length. #2639
  • Proposal selection from accountability with autoComplete #2348

Follow and notifications

More notifications that enhance the participant's interaction and experience:

  • Make admins auto follow assemblies #2855
  • Make admins auto follow participatory processes #2855
  • Space followers are notified when a phase changes its dates #2833
  • Space followers are notified when a proposal can be created, endorsed or voted #2794
  • Space followers are notified when the debate creation is enabled or disabled #2794
  • Space followers are notified when a survey is opened or closed #2794
  • Proposal followers are notified when a proposal is included in a result #2836
  • Notify participatory space followers when a proposal is created. #2646
  • Notify participatory space followers when a meeting is created. #2646

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