News version 0.10.0

New features

Admin log

In order to improve control on what other admins are doing, we want all actions done by admins to be logged and shown in a log feed in the admin section. #2603

For each action, we want to see:

admin log

Related changes:


Publicly consumable API that allows exploring any participatory space, component, and its resources. This is done via GraphQL. Check out this demo.


Improvements to existing features

Improvements to Participatory processes

Several improvements have been made in the space for participatory processes, especially on the front page. Here you can see an example:


Improvements to Assemblies

In the next release there will be relevant improvements for Assemblies, for the moment these are the new features: - Add a select field for assign an area to assemblies #2750
- Assemblies now have a reference #2557

Improvements to Proposals

Proposals are the main component of Decidim, and new features have been added to them to improve their creation and management:

Follow and notifications

More notifications that enhance the participant's interaction and experience:

Full changelog: