New version 0.27.0

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Release highlights

This version comes with important news, as we are tackling the development of a PWA for Decidim and we are moving forward with the complete redesign of the interface. In fact, we foresee that this will be the last version with the current design. If you plan to make code contributions in the near future, please take a look at this announcement:

Some highlights are:

Push notifications

Since we’re in the process of improving the mobile experience, this release adds a power feature: push notifications! Configure your notifications to get them in real time, or choose whether you prefer to receive a daily or weekly e-mail digest

  • Add favicon pwa uploader and icons in manifest #8645
  • Add items to set a splash screen #8649
  • Add VAPID keys’ generator for webpush notifications #8738
  • Show the Add2HomeScreen option in compatible browsers #8736
  • Performance: replace moment by dayjs #9161
  • Implement service workers and custom offline fallback page #8594
  • Homepage optimization: tune images’ caches and query includes #9145
  • Cache highlighted resources for components cells #9143
  • Mail notifications digest #8833
  • Send push notifications to client #8774
  • Performance optimization: load JavaScript at page’s bottom #9156
  • Load comments with ajax #9144
  • Reduce d3 bundle size #9034

Installer (1st iteration)

We've modified the default installation to configure most of the application through Environment Variables. For existing installations, we recommend that you migrate to this new model, so it's easier to configure your applications.

As an example, after migrating to this, if you want to enable a setting, you'll need to:

  1. Set the correct Environment Variable
  2. Restart the server

Until now, the flow could be something like:

  1. Change your initializer
  2. Commit to git 
  3. Push to git server
  4. Deploy to the Rails server
  5. Restart the server

For migrating:

  • Backup your config/secrets.yml and config/initializers/decidim.rb
  • Generate a new decidim app and copy your generated files
  • Migrate your old settings to the new Environment Variables.

Learn more about Environment Variables at Decidim Documentation

  • Make Decidim fully configurable via ENV vars #8725
  • Make Decidim fully configurable via ENV vars part II #8990
  • Configure online meetings embedded services with ENV vars #9219


Yep, we were a bit late, but we finally got there. Same old cookies, but properly informed.

  • Accept and reject cookies #9271

Redesign update

In this version we don’t have anything applied yet, but we invite you to take a look at the progress of the redesign process and browse through the prototype.

We also invite you to follow and chime in on the Decidim Redesign process at Metadecidim.

Improvements to existing features


If you manage an instance of Decidim check out the new features in the administration panel, such as the new dynamic file uploading system.

  • Dynamic attachment uploads #8681
  • Allow assembly admins administer children assemblies #8773
  • Add a privacy warning on non-transparent private spaces #8753
  • Remove all the private participants from a participatory space #8866
  • Allow admins to disable email notifications for reported users #9072
  • Display friendly report reason and details in moderation emails #8840
  • Add admin log when
    • importing, exporting and duplicating a process #9244
    • updating component or its permissions #9270
    • creating, updating or deleting attachment collections #9276
    • creating, updating or deleting initiative types #9310
    • creating, updating or deleting scope types #9312
    • creating, updating or deleting accountability’s status #9320
    • duplicating, exporting or importing assemblies #9338
    • creating, updating or deleting area types #9316
    • creating, updating or deleting accountability’s timeline entries #9321
    • creating, updating or deleting attachments #9282
    • creating, updating or deleting categories #9317
    • updating external domains or help sections #9339
    • creating, deleting, duplicating and updating templates #9363
    • updating survey questionnaire #9385
    • updating the meeting questionnaire #9273
    • exporting a component #9390


  • Add reminders for pending orders in budgets #8621
  • Show users own voting activity #8914
  • Bulk actions for budgeting projects in admin panel #8986


  • Add reminders for publishing reports to meeting authors #8757
  • Export calendar improvements #9035
  • Short URLs to fix long export calendar URLs #9383
  • Clean meetings form with registrations #8500

Other improvements

  • Add emojis to Conversations #8735
  • Allow users to be searched by nickname #8663
  • Add anchors on the homepage #8756
  • Create process types to allow filtering Processes by them #8583
  • Accessible character counter for screen readers #9009
  • Add autocomplete attribute to Devise fields #9038
  • Can resend and cancel email confirmation #8996
  • Add autocomplete in user account #9217
  • Group creator can leave group #9315
  • Add signature collection period title in header #9314
  • Show hidden comments replies #8828
  • Add timeline entry title in Accountability projects #9127

Language fixes

Sometimes small changes make a big difference. A few language fixes that improve consistency and participant experience:

  • Replace ‘citizens’ terminology with ‘participants’ #8697
  • Replace Decidim mentions in UI with ‘the platform’ #8827
  • Change to an inclusive language: replace he/she/his/her with they/their #8684
  • Clarify the locales on the list of admins #8838
  • Rename data portability to download your data #9196

In addition to this, this release incorporates a lot of fixes and improvements for developers.

Check out the whole changelog: