New version 0.14.0

 —  releases

New Features


  • Add the functionality of hashtags. #3959
  • Apply hashtags to Proposals. #3959

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  • Adds support for earning badges. #3975
  • Adds the proposal badge. #3975
  • Adds the proposal supports badge. #4033
  • Adds the accepted proposals badge. #4033
  • Adds the invitations badge. #4033
  • Adds the published initiatives badge. #4033

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Collaborative drafts

  • Add Collaborative drafts: #3109
    • Admin can en/disable this feature from the component configuration
    • Filtrable list of Collaborative drafts in public views
    • Collaborative drafts are: traceable, commentable, coauthorable, reportable
    • Publish collaborative draft as Proposal

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  • Added a content blocks management system for the homepage. The basic idea is that in the admin we can reorder all of the blocks in the home (we already can de-activate them, as well as customize some of them). We could show two columns: one for the active ones, and the other for the de-activated ones. #3839

Improvements to existing features


  • Add proposal lifecycle diagram to docs. #3811
  • Add compression settings to image uploader #3984
  • Update the image that shows the proposed life-cycle of a Proposal.#3933
  • Add link to user profile and link to conversation from admin space. #3995
  • Add link to admin edit from public pages. #3978
  • Support for actions authorizations at resource level #3804
    • Added vote project authorization action #3804
    • Added join meeting authorization action #3804
    • Added vote and endorse proposal authorization actions #3804

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  • Make Users Searchable. #3796
  • Results from searches should show the participatory space where they belong to if any. #3897


  • Allow admins to invite existing users to meetings. #3831
  • Generate a registration code and give it to users when they join to the meeting. #3805
  • Allow admins to validate meeting registration codes and notify the user. #3833
  • Allow users to accept or reject invitations to meetings, and allow admins to see their status. #3632


  • Add the posibility to select the parent assembly when the assembly is created or edited #4022
  • Import accepted proposals to projects. #3873
  • Display a big card when there's just one process at the homepage #3970
  • Improve usability of filters on processes index page #3728