New version 0.18.0

 —  releases

Improvements to existing features


Better user experience related to Consultations/Questions. #5112

  • Change button appearance when listing questions in the Consultation page depending on whether the user has voted it or not

  • Add previous/next button when viewing the Question page

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Let groups join meetings #5060

  • Allow participants that are admins or creators of a Group to attend a meeting representing a verified Group.

  • Until the meeting closes, and to attract the participants interest, show registered Group profiles on the meeting page as Attending Organizations.

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  • Add Selective Newsletter and allow Space admins to manage them. #5039

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  • Reorganize admin form #5068

  • Add table headers sortable links to participatory processes and assemblies in the admin panel. All fields can be sorted: #5010

  • Add a select field for assign an area to participatory processes #5011

  • Add proposal answers to the proposal export #5139


  • Filter spaces (processes and assemblies) by scope and area #5047

  • Space CTA button text changes when no components #5006

  • Add custom SMTP settings for multitenant #4698

  • Provide "good" password rules #5106

  • Improve UX for diff views of versions. #5149

  • Allow cancelling a vote on a comment. #5042

  • Add styles inline in PDF document of signatures #5103

  • Change attachment photo image alt texts to title instead of description. #5043