New version 0.25.0

Release highlights

👷‍♀️🚧 Release 0.25 is a mainly technical release where we have addressed some important refactors. If you are an implementer, please check the upgrade notes:

Improvements to existing features


We continue to add improvements to the administration panel, especially in terms of search and filtering options in the different spaces and components. Also import/export options in proposals and initiatives.


Highlights of this release besides the code refactors are the new features to improve and enhance online meetings.

One of the most interesting is the possibility to include polls in the meetings, in order to receive feedback from the participants or to make decisions in real time.

Thus, the admin can configure the questions, activate them, get answers and publish the results in a synchronous way.


The comments have been enriched with more options. Participants can now edit or delete their comments and add emojis.


More features to improve collective participation.

Other improvements

To learn about more changes, see the whole changelog::