New version 0.25.0

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Release highlights

👷‍♀️🚧 Release 0.25 is a mainly technical release where we have addressed some important refactors. If you are an implementer, please check the upgrade notes:

Improvements to existing features


We continue to add improvements to the administration panel, especially in terms of search and filtering options in the different spaces and components. Also import/export options in proposals and initiatives.

  • Let admins filter participatory space private users #7817
  • Let admins disable participatory space filters #7819
  • Search, filter, pagination and sorting in meetings admin panel #7976
  • Filter participants admin #8104
  • Improve proposals import options #7669
  • Make collection of initiatives exportable #8033


Highlights of this release besides the code refactors are the new features to improve and enhance online meetings.

One of the most interesting is the possibility to include polls in the meetings, in order to receive feedback from the participants or to make decisions in real time.

Thus, the admin can configure the questions, activate them, get answers and publish the results in a synchronous way.

  • Remove creation date from meeting card #7922
  • Display meetings count in directory page #7972
  • Add event organisers and registered users in statistics information #8055
  • Allow Frontend user to add attendees count information #8205
  • Show participants list in meetings #7933
  • Meeting calendars providers #7944
  • Register to meeting via email #7947
  • Show confirmation modal when leaving a meeting #7970
  • Publish and unpublish a meeting #7893
  • Meetings merge minutes and close actions #7968
  • Custom message in meeting registration email #7416
  • Use WYSIWYG editor for registration email custom content #7930
  • Maps optional in meetings #7954
  • Display map and link for hybrid meetings #7065
  • Polls in meetings #8065
  • Allow to create online meetings without an URL #8152
  • Meetings iframe and iframe URL #8096
  • Online meetings iframe visibility with time #8097


The comments have been enriched with more options. Participants can now edit or delete their comments and add emojis.

  • Authorizable comment action for proposals #6916
  • Apply permissions system to comments #8035
  • Add emojis support #8118
  • Allow users to comment and delete their own comments #8072


More features to improve collective participation.

  • Create blog posts as user group #7425
  • Add groups as assembly members #7993
  • Search user groups #8061

Other improvements

  • Change language preference in account #8169
  • Add CSS selectors to emails to improve design customization #7493
  • Replace xls with xlsx #7421
  • Add proper ARIA roles for header and footer #7658
  • Add reason fieldset to the report modal for accessibility #7665
  • Add aria-atomic="true" to the alert role elements #7666
  • Add accessibility labels to the <nav> menus #7709
  • Add categories parent filter to API #7609
  • Add copy to clipboard feature to share links #7697
  • Accessibility tool for development environments #7810
  • Security feature external link warning #7397
  • Open attachments in new tab #7912
  • Add comments in participatory space presentation page stats block #8034
  • Show initiative image in homepage #7824
  • Add announcements to assemblies #7971
  • Improve on boarding as implementer #8010

To learn about more changes, see the whole changelog::