New version 0.22.0

Improvements to existing features


Now in the administration panel you can check some statistics about the activity on the platform. We added new notifications and the option of searching for participants through their e-mail. Admins now also have newsletters templates:


The verification system has been improved, giving the possibility to the admins to revoke the verifications periodically (especially important before starting a large participation process), and at the same time the participants can renew their own verifications.


In this release there are several improvements for the Initiatives space:

Interacting with Groups

The interaction as a group has become richer with new notifications. A group can be mentioned in the comments, and groups can also have private conversations, with other groups or participants.


Conversations now come with the possibility of sending private messages among several participants (up to 9):


More configuration options in the Decidim forms:


We've been working intensively on the Budgets component, and the next release will bring important new features. In the meantime, here is a little preview:

Other improvements

Take a look to other design changes In proposals, assemblies, last activity and other components to improve the participant experience:

Accessibility compliance

No doubt this release is marked by the accessibility work we have started. It’s a WIP, there are many aspects to improve for Decidim to be 100% accessible, but this is a first big step. Check out the changes made in these PRs:

\ To learn about more changes, check the whole changelog: