New version 0.11.0

 —  releases

New features

We have plenty of features to announce. For a complete list please visit the changelog. Here is a list of some of the most relevant new features:

  • Blogs!: This first one you might already noticed, this post is an example :)
  • New participatory spaces are integrated: Initiatives and consultations can now be deployed easily.
  • Improvement on Meeting registration: Now it is possible to offer certain services for meetings, admins can open a Meeting and ask participant if they need special services like translations, or accessibility or a space to take care of children.
  • Richer assemblies: new fields are added to assemblies.
  • Private participatory spaces: if your organization needs an assembly to be private and yet exploit the full functionality of Decidim, now you can :)
  • Better surveys: Surveys have improved considerably, including rich text description, more configurable questions, re-ordering and a better overall experience.
  • Rich-text for Meeting minutes: it is now possible to edit the minutes of a meeting with rich text.
  • Architecture improvements: there are also plenty internal improvements (API, cells, etc.) that will boost further developments.
  • And much more‚Ķ