Job offer: Community coordinator

What’s the job

We are looking for someone to take care of the Decidim community and the contributions that its members make to the project. On a daily basis you will interact with a multidisciplinary group of people, that includes a variety of profiles: from city officials to software developers, from academic researchers to people who are enthusiasts of participatory democracy.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Coordinate and organize the path and implementation of improvement proposals and new functionalities received in the community platform ( at a functional level.
  • Coordinate the contributions to the code that can be made from different institutions or entities. Provide advice to ensure that all contracts developed by entities adopting Decidim software guarantee the delivery of deliverables aligned with the objectives and technical and legal requirements of the platform, to facilitate subsequent integration into the official repository.
  • Define the user stories of new functionalities to be implemented as long as these functionalities have been approved by the Decidim Product team.
  • Manage the access permissions in the different online spaces where the development of the software, documentation and translations is done in open access. Moderate the contents in all these spaces.
  • Improve and maintain the project’s documentation site. Coordinate and supervise the contributions to the documentation.
  • Coordinate contributions and maintain updated translations of the software and documentation.
  • Update the website.

What’s Decidim

Decidim is a Free Libre Open Source Software for participatory democracy that is working on more than 300 cities, regions and organizations worldwide. It’s being used in Barcelona, Helsinki, France, Italy, Mexico and other places.

At the technical level is a Ruby on Rails project, a generator and some gems that helps organizations to make decisions and deliberative processes. It works for having an online and offline participation website.

We try to make all the decisions on the open on GitHub and also with our own platform (on MetaDecidim).

More information:

Who are we looking for

This job is a perfect fit for somebody:

  • Experienced with the Decidim platform and its features.
  • Experienced in dynamizing free software communities.
  • Who is comfortable working with code collaboration tools (such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc.) and documentation site generators (such as  Antora, MkDocs, Gitbook, etc.).
  • Who is familiar with Agile methodology.
  • With social & communication skills. Currently, we’re having issues with the gender gap, so it’s important to be a feminist.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.

If you’re worried about making lots of money quickly, this is not the best place to work ;-)

What we offer

  • Work from home.
  • Flexible hours to organize your schedule according to your needs.
  • Full time (35 hours per week).
  • Salary between 32k and 36k € per year.
  • To be part of a project for the democratization of society with a global projection. And most important, together with a team of good people.


As “things that we want but we realize will be very difficult to get and we’re open to let it go”.

  • Programming skills, especially Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience in political participation processes.
  • Catalan language fluency.

Where and how to apply

If you’re interested send us your updated CV and motivational letter to with the subject “Community Coordinator”. 

Deadline: July 10, 2021. 

From July 10 onwards, we will evaluate the applications in order to award the vacancy during the same month.