For democratic organizations and collectives of any size and kind.

You can use Decidim in a public or private organisation, with hundreds or thousands of potential participants, such as a city council, an association, a university, an NGO, a trade union, a neighbourhood association or a cooperative...

Thanks to Decidim you will be able to configure spaces for participation (initiatives, assemblies, processes or consultations) and enrich them through the multiple available components (face-to-face meetings, surveys, proposals, voting, follow-up of results, comments and many more).

Spaţii de participare

Procese participative

Procese participative To democratize common issues, step by step

Procesele sunt un spațiu care permite crearea, activarea/dezactivarea și gestionarea diferitelor procese participative. Acestea se deosebesc de alte spaţii prin structurarea lor în diferite faze în care pot fi încorporate toate componentele. Exemple de procese participative sunt: un proces electoral pentru membrii unui comitet, un buget participativ, un proces de planificare strategică. scrierea în colaborare a unui regulament sau normă, proiectarea unui spațiu urban sau elaborarea unui plan de politică publică.


Adunări The power of collective self-organization

Makes it possible to set up decision-making bodies or groups (councils, working groups, commissions, etc.) that meet regularly, detailing their composition, listing and geolocating their meetings. It allows participation in them, for example, attending in person or online, adding issues to the agenda, or commenting on the proposals and decisions taken by that body.


Votings The right to decide with all democratic guarantees

Makes it possible to coordinate referendums, trigger discussions and debates, get voting results published and connect to a secure e-voting system.


Inițiative Setting everyone's agenda, within everyone's reach

Participants can create collaborative initiatives, define their path and goals, gather endorsements, discuss, debate and disseminate initiatives, set meeting points where signatures can be collected from attendees or debates open to other members of the organisation.



Your ideas in detail

Create a proposal using a creation wizard, compare it with the existing ones, publish it on the platform and include additional information such as geolocation or attached documents and images. This component also allows you to navigate, filter and interact with a set of proposals. In addition, with the proposal-incubator you can create collaborative proposals.


Decide your choice

Offers organisations the possibility of activating different voting or support systems around proposals: unlimited, limited to a given threshold, weighted, cost-based, etc. Backed by secure and encrypted e-voting technology.


No proposal without an answer

Turn proposals into results and give official responses concerning their acceptance or rejection, merging various proposals into a single result.


End-to-end transparency

It offers the possibility to subdivide results into projects, to define and apply progress states around their implementation, as well as to show the degree of achievement of results grouped by categories and scopes.


To meet and not miss anything

Componenta de reuniune oferă organizațiilor și participanților posibilitatea de a convoca întâlniri, de a-și stabili locația și ora, să înregistreze și să limiteze participanții, să definească structura și conținutul reuniunii, precum și să publice procesele verbale și propunerile care decurg din acestea.

Textele participative

To analyze, synthesize, and build in common

Can be used to convert long text documents into several proposals or results and, vice versa, to compose and display a unified text based on a collection of proposals or results.


Acolo unde evenimentele mari sunt primordiale

Create a website for a big event. Unify the program by joining up a series predefined meetings (chats, workshops, etc.), and manage attendees.


Pentru că opinia comunității tale contează

Design and publish surveys. Display and download results.


Egalitatea și justiția aleatorie

Allows to select a number of proposals (e.g. candidates for a jury) with random, yet reproducible, procedures that guarantees non-biased and uniform distributions.


Construirea unei inteligențe colective

Enables users to add comments, to value them in favour, against or neutral, vote them, answer and receive notifications about responses.

Pagini și bloguri

Comunitatea ta, informată și actualizată

Create informative pages with rich text formatting, embedded pictures and videos. The blog component makes possible the creation of posts or news, and to navigate them chronologically.


Personalised information on interesting content

Decidim enables you to track any space or component so that you can receive updates whenever they happen.


Simplu, dar puternic

Send emails to everyone registered in the platform or to those who participate in a specific space.


Poți extinde componentele implicite. Comunitatea Decidim a dezvoltat sute de module pentru a extinde platforma dincolo de elementele de bază și pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor dumneavoastră.

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Întrebări frecvente
What does it mean that Decidim is for free, "libre" and open source?

Decidim is a platform for citizen participation made by the people and for people. Its source code is open and can be inspected, modified, and enhanced by anyone. The Decidim software is covered by the AGPL license. That means that you can use it, modify it and redistribute derived versions of it as long as you respect the AGPL license.

What is the Decidim Association?

The "Asociacion de Software Libre Decidim" (The Decidim Free Software Association) is a democratic association for the governance of the Decidim community. It was founded on February 16, 2019 in an extraordinary assembly of the community, with the approval of the organization statutes.

Există vreun tutorial pentru a începe configurarea?

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Where can I find the project roadmap and the planned features?
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