Decidim Fest 2021 :: Democracy, Technology and Global Justice | 20, 21 and 22 October - Join our call

DecidimFest is an intense 3-day program of activities devoted to the Decidim project, participatory democracy and open source tools for collective intelligence in the era of Global Democracy.



You can use Decidim in a public or private organisation, with hundreds or thousands of potential participants, such as a city council, an association, a university, an NGO, a trade union, a neighbourhood collective or a cooperative...

Thanks to Decidim you will be able to configure spaces for participation (initiatives, assemblies, processes or consultations) and enrich them through the multiple available components (face-to-face meetings, surveys, proposals, voting, follow-up of results, comments and many more).

Spaces for participation For participants to make proposals and make decisions

Participatory processes

to democratize common issues, step by step

Processes is a space that allows to create, activate/deactivate, and manage various participatory processes. These are distinguished from other spaces by being structured in different phases within which all of the components can be incorporated. Examples of participatory processes are: an election process for members of a committee, participatory budgeting, a strategic planning process, the collaborative writing of a regulation or norm, the design of an urban space or the production of a public policy plan.


the power of collective self-organization

Is a space that offers the possibility of setting decision-making bodies or groups (councils, working groups, committees, etc.) that meet up periodically, detailing their composition, listing and geolocating their meetings, and allowing to take part in them (for instance: attending if the seating capacity and nature of the assembly so permits, adding items to the agenda, or commenting on the proposals and decisions taken by that body).


the right to decide with all democratic guarantees

Consultations is a space that makes it possible to coordinate referendums, trigger discussions and debates, get voting results published; it can be connected to a secure e-voting system.


setting everyone's agenda, within everyone's reach

Initiatives is a space that allows participants to collaboratively create initiatives, define their trajectory and goals, gather endorsements, discuss, debate and disseminate initiatives and define meeting points where signatures can be collected from attendees or debates opened to other members of the organization.

Components For participants and spaces to interact


your ideas in detail

The proposals component allows the user to create a proposal using a creation wizard, compare it with the existing ones, publish it on the platform and include additional information such as geolocation or attached documents and images. This component also allows you to navigate, filter and interact with a set of proposals. In addition, with the proposal-incubator you can create collaborative proposals.


decide your vote

The voting component offers organizations the possibility of activating different voting or support systems around proposals: unlimited, limited to a given threshold, weighted, cost-based, etc.


no proposal without an answer

The results component is used to turn proposals into results and give official responses concerning their acceptance or rejection, merging various proposals into a single result.


transparency from beginning to end

The accountability component offers the possibility of subdividing results into projects, defining and applying progress statuses around their implementation, as well as displaying the extent of the results’ implementation grouped by categories and scopes.


to meet and not miss anything

The meeting component offers organizations and participants the opportunity to convene meetings, determine their location and time, register and limit attendees, define the structure and content of the meeting as well as publishing the minutes, and the resulting proposals.

Participatory texts

to analyze, synthesize, and build in common

The participatory texts component can be used to convert lengthy text documents into various proposals or results and, vice versa, to compose and display a unified text based on a collection of proposals or results.

Dare to combine the components. Design and deploy a powerful democratic system in an easy way and adapt it to your organization’s needs


Where big events are premiered

The conference component allows an organization to create a website for a big event by joining up a series predefined meetings (chats, workshops etc.), putting together a unified program and managing attendees.


Because the opinion of your community matters

The surveys component can be used to design and publish surveys and to display and download their results.


Equality and the justice of randomness

The sortition component allows to select a number of proposals (e.g. candidates for a jury) with random, yet reproducible, procedures that guarantees non-biased and uniform distributions.


Building a collective intelligence

The comments component enables users to add comments, to identify the comment as being in favor, against or neutral in relation to the commented object, to vote comments, respond to them and to receive notifications about responses.

Pages and blogs

Your community, informed and up to date

The pages component is used to create informative pages with rich text formatting, embedded pictures and videos. The blog component makes possible the creation of posts or news, and to navigate them chronologically.


Personalized information on interesting contents

Decidim enables you to track any space or component to receive updates every time they happen.


Simple but powerful

The newsletter component makes possible to send emails to everyone registered in the platform or, more selectively, to those who participate in a specific space.

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