Metadecidim, la nostra comunitat

Una comunitat democràtica que gestiona el projecte Decidim en totes les seves dimensions

Metadecidim és una comunitat que col·labora en el disseny de la plataforma i la construcció del projecte. Entre totes podem dissenyar i desenvolupar noves funcionalitats i notificar bugs per una millora continua de la plataforma.
Propose and help define new features
Report bugs and help the developers fix them
Help shape the future of the platform
The Decidim Community during the Decidim Fest 2021
Who is currently using Decidim?

It is currently used by cities and organizations worldwide. In fact, any group of people can use it, whether it is an NGO, university, trade union, cooperative, neighbourhood association, etc. Check the complete list of currently active instances.

I have many doubts, of all kinds...where can I ask them or solve them?

The best way to solve your doubts quickly is through the Metadecidim community. Enter now in the process Support Forum and see if your question exists or if it has been answered and otherwise enter to ask questions. If you can't resolve your problem in this space, maybe it's time to contact us through the contact form.

What kind of members you accept into the Metadecidim community?

Anybody who has good faith and a correct attitude towards democratic collaboration.

What do I need to install Decidim?

Installing Decidim is easy but you need some knowledge and technical requirements. See the documentation for installing Decidim.

Try Online — Coneix i prova lliurement la plataforma Decidim amb la demo en línia. Demo en línia