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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the Corporate Identity Manual?

You can find it here.

Can I join the Metadecidim community even if I don't live in Barcelona?

Decidim is a project that was born in Barcelona and that is why there is a strong territorial bond with this city. But yes, you can collaborate online, through participatory processes, debates, etc …. that we provide in Metadecidim. Although you might want to come to Barcelona sometime :)

What is the Social Contract?

That's how we call our Code of Democratic Guarantees and Democratic Collaboration. All members of the community must endorse the Social Contract.

How often is the platform updated?

We release a new version approximately every month. In this link you can check the record of versions.

Do you want more information about the Decidm Association?

In the general assembly of the Decidim Association you can find more info abous us, follow the activity of the meetings and check relevant information (statutes, legal agreements, the internal regulations)

Where can I find the project roadmap and the planned features?

You can find the roadmap of new features of the project at GitHub.

What kind of members you accept into the Metadecidim community?

To anybody who has good faith and a correct attitude towards democratic collaboration.

Who is currently using Decidim?

It is currently used by cities and organizations. In fact, any group of people can use it, whether it is an NGO, university, trade union, cooperative, neighbourhood association, etc. Check here the complete list of currently active instances.

What can a Decidim administrator do?

Easily configure participatory processes Do you want to make a strategic plan? Or discuss new regulations? Or discuss a new square or a public building to achieve the common good? Thanks to Decidim you will be able to configure participation spaces (initiatives, assemblies, processes or consultations) and enrich them through the multiple available components (face-to-face meetings, surveys, proposals, voting, follow-up of results, comments and many more).

What do I need to install Decidim?

Installing Decidim is easy but you need some knowledge and technical requirements. Here we tell you how to install and configure Decidim in your organization.

When was the Decidim Association born?

The Associació Decidim is founded on February 16, 2019 in an extraordinary assembly of the community, with the approval of the organization statutes.

I have ideas for new improvement features. I want to have a better understanding of the project. What can I do?

You can collaborate in multiple ways. One of them is through the Metadecidim community. If you want to propose new features, go here. If you have detected errors and want to notify them, go to this process. If you want to actively participate in the Metadecidim community, you can attend the monthly Metadecidim Operative Sessions. Register as a participant of the community and participate with us. If your thing is the code, come to Github. If you are a researcher, you might be interested in coming to the LAB Metadecidim Seminars.

What is Decidim?

Decidim is a Free Open-Source participatory democracy platform for cities and organizations. But Decidim is more than a digital platform: it’s a common's free and open project and infrastructure involving code, documentation, design, training courses, a legal framework, collaborative interfaces, user and facilitation communities, and a common vision.

Do you provide free installation to non-profit organizations?

Yes, only if you are a Barcelona based organization. Send us a message and you will be helped by the Directorate of Research, Development and Innovation of the Area of Citizenship Rights, Participation and Transparency of Barcelona City Council.

What is the Metadecidim community?

Metadecidim is the community of Decidim that collaborates in the design of the platform and the construction of the Decidim project. We meet regularly through the SOM (Metadecidim Operative Sessions) and the LAB Research Seminars. Go to to follow the calls closely and if you want to join the community. We'd love to ;-)

How can I become a member of the Decidim Association?

Now the people involved in the project can be partners. Here we explain in detail how you have to do it

Do you support institutions?

Yes, but you have to be patient. There are a lot of institutions that want to use Decidim right now and we are helping them step by step. Contact us for any question and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Is there any tutorial to start setting it up?

You can check the latest version of our admin manual in the Documentation section. You can also check edu.decidim, the perfect Decidim installation to be trained in the use of the platform.

Do you have a Demo? I want to use Decidim now, without installing it, to see how it works.

Yes, here you have an online demo for you to do magic with Decidim.

What is the Decidim Association?

The Free Decidim Software Association (Decidim Association) is a democratic association for the governance of the Decidim community.

I have many doubts, of all kinds...where can I ask them or solve them?

The best way to solve your doubts quickly is through the Metadecidim community. Enter now in the process Support Forum and see if your question exists or if it has been answered and otherwise enter to ask questions. If you can't resolve your problem in this space, maybe it's time to contact us through the contact form.

What can a participant (user) of Decidim do?

Decidim makes it possible for thousands of people to organize themselves democratically by making proposals, attending public meetings, fostering decision-making discussions, deciding through different forms of voting and monitoring the implementation of decisions.

What does it mean that Decidim is for free, "libre" and open source?

Decidim is a platform for citizen participation made by the people and for people. Its source code is open and can be inspected, modified, and enhanced by anyone. The Decidim software is covered by the AGPL license. That means that you can use it, modify it and redistribute derived versions of it as long as you respect the AGPL license.

We want to make a formal collaboration agreement. Are there any templates we can use?

Yes, we have templates to formalize collaboration agreements. Please contact us.

What are the differences with Consul Project / Decide Madrid?

There are many differences: features, flexibility, architecture, modularity, etc. We have published a post to try to answer this question.