Partnership policy

If your organization wants to support Decidim, you can become a Decidim Partner.

Sustaining Decidim takes time and resources. Several tasks need to be handled, such as reviewing contributions, triaging issues, fixing bugs, writing documentation, and answering general doubts shared by the community. Any organization (enterprise, association, or collective) willing to become a Decidim Partner is committed to contribute to the Decidim Association with a reduced fee of the 3% of the yearly income generated by Decidim activities. In the case of nonprofit organizations, this fee is 1.5%.

Every Decidim Partner will be made publicly visible in the Decidim main website and the GitHub project README page. In addition, the Decidim Association will recommend Decidim Partners in our talks and email conversations about providing services with Decidim.

To support recently incorporated organizations, Decidim Partners will be exempted from contributing economically during their first year to first develop their business plan with Decidim. In the meantime, we recommend that Decidim Partners find other ways to contribute to the project (such as with bug reporting, documentation, participation and support in community activities, etc.).

How to become a Decidim Partner?

  1. Send an email to associacio [at] decidim [dot] org with your contact information and indicate in the subject I want to become a Decidim Partner.
  2. We will contact you for a videoconference to then assess the candidacy.
  3. If the candidacy is approved, the Coordination Committee will yearly send you a sworn declaration to be filled and sent back with the receipt of the corresponding bank transfer.

Which requirements does my organization need to meet to become a partner?

You have to agree to fulfill and sign the Social Contract and also fulfill any of the following conditions can be members:

  • Management of instances. Manage one or more active facilities of Decidim at the time of the application, for the own use of the entity or third parties.
  • Contributions to the project. Contribute or have contributed significantly to the Decidim project.
  • You can read in detail in the Metadecidim assembly.

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