Používáním modulů můžete rozšířit funkce Decidim a sdílet je s ostatními. Umožňují vám snadno aktualizovat v budoucnu. Podívejte se na dokumentaci pro vytvoření vašeho vlastního modulu.


Jméno Popis Obrázek
Accountability simple Simplifies the user interface of the accountability module for clearer display of the results.
Action delegator Provides extended functionalities for cooperatives. Combines a CSV-like verification method with impersonation capabilities that allow users to delegate some actions to others.
Analytics Enables tracking through Matomo and adds a tab in the admin panel showing one Matomo dashboard (or more) of your choice. Analytics
Anonymous proposals Transform proposals component to allow not signed in users creation of proposals. For this the proposals created anonymously will be linked with a special anonymous users group. There is a task to create/update anonymous groups in organizations explained in Installation section.
Antivirus A Decidim module to add antivirus checks as validations for Decidim's public file uploads, e.g. for proposals. Antivirus
Budgeting pipeline Improves the budgeting component's voting feature by providing a budgeting pipeline which guides the user through the budgeting process.
Budgets Enhanced Enhanced Budget component . Allow assigining a color for each budgets category. Budgets Enhanced
BudgetsPaperBallots This module allows an admin to import paper ballots in a participatory budgeting vote. The import process can be repeated as many times as desired, or done at once. It isn't possible to edit a value that was wrongly imported, but it is possible to import a negative number of votes to apply a correction. The number of paper votes for each project can then be seen in the admin panel and the aggregated number of votes for each project (both paper and online) can be seen on the frontend. These values are also made available in the various data exports (from the admin panel, the open data and the API). BudgetsPaperBallots
Calendar This Decidim module enable a multitenant global calendar for Consultations, Debates, External Events, Meetings and Participatory Processes. Giving a snapshot of all current activities in a calendar view form. Calendar
Castings Cast a committee composition based on the list of people
Challenges Articulates the collective action of diverse actors in order to address common and shared challenges and the problems that derive from them across the territory.
Combined Budgeting A Decidim module that makes it possible to combine the budget voting from different components to a single combined voting process to streamline the voting process. This will also hide all other parts of the participatory space page except for the voting feature itself to make it easier to understand for the users. Combined Budgeting
Comparative Stats This module works by connecting to several Decidim API's. Just go to your and add endpoints to compare. For instance, Decidim Barcelona endpoint is Comparative Stats
Comparative stats Allows to compare different Decidim sites by accessing their GraphQL API and generate graphs.
Cookies Provide a cookies banner using Orejime (empreinte-digitale/orejime).
DataViz (PAM) The Dataviz module adds the PAM data visualizations to any participatory process but it is intended to be used just for the PAM participatory process. DataViz (PAM)
Decidim Awesome Usability and UX tweaks for Decidim. This plugin allows the administrators to expand the possibilities of Decidim beyond some existing limitations. All tweaks are provided in a optional fashion with granular permissions that let the administrator to choose exactly where to apply those mods. Some tweaks can be applied to any assembly, other in an specific participatory process or even in type of component only.
Department Admin This module produces a new "department admin" role which allows a User to administer the ParticipatorySpaces of a given Area. Department Admin
Enhanced textwork The EnhancedTextwork module allows users to contribute to participatory textwork. They can support text-paragraphs, amend them, comment on them and discuss among each other. This module is based on decidim-proposals and was developed to improve the existing participatory_texts functionality to better suit specific needs for participatory textwork. Enhanced textwork
Favorites Provides the possibility to add any objects (proposals, plans, projects, results, etc.) to user's personal favorites. This is a technical module that adds this ability to Decidim but the favorites functionality needs to be manually added to the individual models and the favorite buttons need to be added to the views.
Feedback Provides the possibility to attach feedback modals to any section of the site and attach the feedbacks to specific objects on the site. This is a technical module that adds this ability to Decidim but the feedback functionality needs to be manually added and configured to the individual views in order to use it.
Homepage interactive map Displays an interactive map on homepage.
Initiatives No Signature Allowed Allow a user to create an initiative that do not collect signatures.
Jitsi Meetings Allows to deploy public or private videoconference rooms of any jitsi server in participative processes and assemblies. Jitsi Meetings
Liquid voting Integrates decidim with
Navbar Links NavbarLinks adds a custom link to your decidim menu. Navbar Links
Navigation Maps Allows to map processes to image parts using maps. Navigation Maps
Petitions Add functionality to work with DECODE petitions. To use this module you need to have at least running Credentials Issuer API and Petition API from DECODE project. The user needs to have the DECODE mobile application. Petitions
Plans A Decidim module that provides a new component that can be added to any participatory space in Decidim. The component allows users to write plans together that link to specific proposals. Further on these plans can be converted to budgeting projects once the process moves to budgeting. Plans This module adds an iframe to embed a conversation.
Process groups content block Adds a process groups content block to your Decidim instance to be used on the home page of the app. Process groups content block
Question captcha Question based captcha for Decidim.
Simple proposal Provides a simplified proposal creation. This module overrides core functionality of decidim-proposals and can cause unexpected side effects!
Tags Provides the possibility to add tags to any records, e.g. proposals, users, results, etc. This is a technical module that adds this ability to Decidim but the tags functionality needs to be manually added to the individual models, the tags input needs to be added to the editing views and the tags display needs to be added to the record views. This module provides you all the tools to add these elements to the user interface.
Term Customizer A Decidim module to customize the localized terms in the system. The module allows administrators to add "translation sets" through the admin panel which contain customized terms for any module in the system. These sets can be applied against different scopes within the system, e.g. the whole system, participatory space scope (e.g. all participatory processes or a specific participatory process) or a specific component within a participatory space. Term Customizer
Time tracker Allows to track time dedicated by volunteers doing any arbitrary task.
URL Aliases Allow admins to create url aliases for resources within a Decidim::ParticipatorySpace. The module is based on the Redirector gem and creates an interface for admins to manage redirect rules. Redirect rules have two parts: the source defines how to match the incoming request path and the destination is where to send the visitor if the match is made.


Jméno Popis Obrázek
API auth Add JWT token based API authentication possibility to Decidim. The API authentication module provides a new endpoint for API authentication and a method to check for an active authentication token header for each request.
Access Codes Provides a new verification method that allows system administrators to define new verification workflows where the admins can provide access to specific users by sending them an access code. This module does not itself register any verification workflows because these access code workflows are generally specific to the system in question. For example, if the admins want to provide access only for specific users to add new proposals in a specific participatory space, they can define a new workflow for that.
Age Action Authorization A Decidim based action authorization to check user's age inside actions. The Decidim Default Action Authorizer only allows comparing items that are equal to an expected value. This authorization checks a metadata field named birthday in the AuthorizationHandler used and compares the value against a minimum age defined in the provided JSON for the action authorizer. The JSON field is named edad. Age Action Authorization
Central Authentication Service (CAS) Integration of CAS login and verification. Central Authentication Service (CAS)
Custom CSV Census Allow uploading a CSV file to perform verifications against data that can be configured at installation level. It is inspired in Decidim File Authorization Handler gem and based on the Decidim::Verifications module.
Direct Verifications A Decidim that provides a verification method called Direct verification. Works only on the admin side, final users do not intervene in the verification process. Direct Verifications
Donations A plugin to allow donations and verify users with them. Currently supports PayPal Express Checkout but more payment methods can be easily added. Donations
Extra User Fields Allows to collect and manage some extra user fields on registration and profile edition. Extra User Fields
File Authorization Handler Allows admin users to upload a CSV file containing Document IDs and birthdates to a given organization. This information is used by a Decidim authorization handler to authorize real users. File Authorization Handler
IdCat mòbil User registration, login and verification through IdCat mòbil, an authentication method that uses OAuth 2.0 protocol. IdCat mòbil is an identity validator from VÀLid (Validador d'Identitats del Consorci AOC). IdCat mòbil
LDAP A decidim package to provide user authentication via LDAP. Once is active for an organization, it is imposible to signup. Adds a new tab in the Decidim System admin panel that allows to create LDAP configurations for every organization. Different config parameters can be configured for every organization. LDAP
MPASSId A Decidim module to add MPASSid authentication to Decidim as a way to authenticate and authorize the users. MPASSId
MS Active Directory (AD) Add Microsoft Active Directory (AD) authentication to Decidim as a way to authenticate and authorize the users. MS Active Directory (AD) A Decidim module to add strong authentication to Decidim as a way to authenticate and authorize the users.
Verifications Omniauth Add two new options for the verifications workflow: CSAM which is the official Identity Providers (IDP) from the Belgian Government and SAML for generic integration with external Identity Providers (IDP)


Jméno Popis Obrázek
API Exposes a GraphQL API to programatically interact with the Decidim platform via HTTP. API
Accountability Adds an accountability section to any participatory space so users can follow along the state of the accepted proposals. Accountability
Admin Adds an administration dashboard so users can manage their organization and all other entities. Admin
Assemblies Assemblies are the permanent Decidim's participatory space. They are always "active" so unlike participatory processes, they have no steps or phases. Assemblies
Blogs This component makes possible to add posts ordered by publication time to spaces. Blogs
Budgets Adds a participatory budgets system to any participatory space. Budgets
Comments The Comments module adds the ability to include comments to any resource which can be commentable by users. Comments
Conferences This module will be a configurator and generator of Conference pages, understood as a collection of Meetings, with program, inscriptions and categories Conferences
Consultations This module creates a new space for decidim to host consultations: debates around critical questions and a proxy for eVoting Consultations
Core The basics of Decidim: users, organizations, etc. This is the only required engine to run Decidim, all the others are optional. Core
Debates The Debates module adds debate to any participatory process. It adds a CRUD engine to the admin and public view scoped inside the participatory process. Debates
Dev Aids the local development of Decidim's components. Dev
Generators It helps you with generating decidim applications & new components. It provides the decidim executable. Generators
Initiatives Initiatives is the place on Decidim's where citizens can promote a civic initiative. Unlike participatory processes that must be created by an administrator, Civic initiatives can be created by any user of the platform. Initiatives
Meetings The Meeting module adds meeting to any participatory space. It adds a CRUD engine to the admin and public view scoped inside the participatory space. Meetings
Pages The Pages module adds static page capabilities to any participatory space. It basically provides an interface to include arbitrary HTML content to any step. Pages
Participatory Processes The main concept of a Decidim installation: participatory processes. Participatory Processes
Proposals The Proposals module adds one of the main components of Decidim: allows users to contribute to a participatory space by creating proposals. Proposals
Sortitions This component makes possible to select randomly a number of proposals among a set of proposals (or a category of proposals within a set) maximizing guarantees of randomness and avoiding manipulation of results by the administrator. Sortitions
Surveys Adds the ability for admins to create arbitrary surveys. Surveys
System This engine adds an administration dashboard so admin can manage a Decidim deploy and its organizations when working in a multi-tenant environment. System
Verifications Offers several methods for allowing participants to get authorization to perform certain privileged actions. This module implements several of those methods and also offers a way for installation to implement their custom verification methods. Verifications