Decidim is an open-source platform for participatory democracy that enables citizens to influence in the creation of citizenship centric public policies and in the public agenda. At a global scale, over 150 institutions and organizations are using the software.

From the Decidim community, we know that the code creates normative frameworks and we want ours and its development to be more inclusive and diverse. Therefore, we foster the DecidmFemDev Programme, an open call for female and non-binary gender developers that seeks parity in the development of the Decidim code, reinforcing and facilitating the participation of them in the platform.

Who can apply?

Women and non-binary gender, that meet the following requirements:

DecidimFemDev Programme offers:

Send us an email with your application to

What is the DecidimFemDev Programme about?

It supports the learning of Ruby on Rails among groups of developers through a scholarship programme that allows this increase in knowledge to be made compatible with other work.

What is the Decidim FemDev Programme job bank?

It is an initiative that starts this 2020 where, encourages the hiring of female and/or non binary gender developers among the collaborating companies in order to achieve an increase of 10% of female and/or non binary gender developers among the members of the community of coders.

What happens after the scholarship is over?

We include contract clauses to the code development companies that work in the Decidim community and thus prioritize the scholarship recipients.

What should I send?

An e-mail with your CV attached and a brief explanation of why you are interested in participating in this scholarship.

Is access to this scholarship compatible with other jobs and/or studies?

Absolutely! You will only need to be available for short follow-up meetings each week and for mentoring. The rest of the time, you can work remotely.

Who does the selection process?

We developed this process as a result of the agreement between Decidim and DigitalFems, an NGO that promotes the presence of women in the digital environment. Both collaborate and manage the implementation of the gender parity programme in Decidim as well as the selection process.