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New version 0.15.0

New Features


Added metrics visualization for differents Participatory Spaces and Components.

  • See metrics docs
  • Added metrics visualization for Users and Proposals (all, accepted and votes) #3603
  • Added metrics visualization for...

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New version 0.13.0

New features

This is a special release to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation


  • GDPR: Unbundled consent on user registration #3483
  • GDPR: Right to be Forgotten #3315
  • GDPR: Newsletter checkbox unchecked by default \3316
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New version 0.12.0

New features


Several improvements have been made to Assemblies, such as:

  • Add members to assemblies. #3008
  • An assembly member can be related to an existing user. #3302
  • Show the assemblies that a user belongs to in their profile...
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New version 0.11.0

New features

We have plenty of features to announce. For a complete list please visit the changelog. Here is a list of some of the most relevant new features:

  • Blogs!: This first one you might already noticed, this post is an example :)
  • New...
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