Decidim's website is live!

Hello world! Today we launch the website of Decidim, the digital platform of citizen participation for municipalities and organizations 100% free and open source software. Many of you already know it: Decidim is something else. We are an open and democratic infrastructure that includes code, documentation, design, training courses, a legal framework, collaborative interfaces, a community of participants and facilitators and a global vision. And everything we want to be!

With Decidim, democracy wins! Find the way to join the community. Citizens, organizations and public institutions… you are all welcome! With Decidim we can democratically self-organize at all levels:

What can I do with Decidim?

Propose, meet, deliberate, decide, monitor: join democracy

Decidim makes it possible for thousands of people to organize themselves democratically by making proposals, attending public meetings, creating deliberative discussions, deciding through different forms of voting and monitoring the implementation of decisions.

Easily configure participatory processes

Do you want to make a strategic plan? Or discuss new regulations? Or debate about a new square or a public building to achieve the common good? Decidim is a very easy to use participatory process configurator that helps you structure and deploy almost any type of process.

Participatory budgeting for real

Citizens will be able to decide directly how to spend the funds of a public budget. You can open calls for proposals, discuss and set up priorities with citizens or members of the organization, estimate the price of projects and open them to voting, as well as monitor the results.

Participate democratically with all guarantees

The use and development of the Decidim platform by an institution or social group of any kind implies accepting the following issues (we call it the Social Contract):

What are you waiting for? Get to know and test the Decidim platform with the online demo. Join the democratic tide. Because democracy never felt is real!